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As a diversified business and a listed company, Flughafen Zürich AG operates Switzerland’s most important transport and meeting hub – Zurich Airport – on behalf of the Swiss Confederation.

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Flughafen Zürich AG has around 1,600 employees across four business areas. The company focuses on its core activities: national and international airport operator, operation of the commercial centres in the landside and airside areas, as well as income-oriented management and further development of real estate at the Zurich location.

In the formulation and implementation of its strategy, Flughafen Zürich AG underpins the three aspects of cost-efficiency, environment and social responsibility. In this way it aims to increase the company's competitiveness and credibility and achieve sustainable value creation. It is constantly having to strike a balance between capacity, complexity and noise.


Zurich Airport – Switzerland's gateway to the world – is a quality airport in the heart of Europe offering excellent access to international, national and regional transport networks. Zurich Airport regularly wins awards for its excellent services, short transfer distances, friendly staff, cleanliness of its infrastructure, reliability of its processes and other quality indicators. This performance can be credited to around 24,000 employees at more than 280 partner companies, who ensure each day that passengers and visitors enjoy the time they spend at Zurich Airport.

Company Structure

With its four divisions, Flughafen Zürich AG is able to deliver maximum security, quality and performance, and make regular structural adjustments to accommodate changing market requirements.

Organigram Flughafen Zürich AG


The Operations division is responsible for licensed operations at Zurich Airport. It provides and coordinates all the activities and procedures that make for premium quality, efficient and safe flight operations. These include flight processes for passengers upon departure, arrival and transfer as well as freight handling, safety and security. The involvement of all key partners in the central steering committee, Airport Steering, helps to keep operations running smoothly. Aviation Marketing helps third-party airlines to grow along with demand. Operations is responsible for planning the aeronautical infrastructure and for developing and maintaining the airport premises and airside civil engineering works.

Marketing & Real Estate

The Marketing & Real Estate division is responsible for the development, construction and profitable management of Zurich Airport's real estate. Its portfolio extends from terminal buildings, office centres, logistics and aircraft maintenance buildings, multi-storey car parks and the airport railway station through to the new large-scale project known as „The Circle“. The Marketing & Real Estate division develops attractive air and landside shopping, dining and service outlets and operates the shopping centre with the second highest sales volume in Switzerland. It also has responsibility for the technical systems used for flight operations, for the car parks, for the public transport links, and is in overall charge of the airport's marketing and brand management.


The Finance division secures the funding and liquidity Flughafen Zürich AG needs and ensures the transparency not only of financial results but also of the processes involved in procuring and using resources by the company and its departments. The Investor Relations department provides high-quality and timely financial reports and communications. The division performs systematic evaluations and assessments of Flughafen Zürich AG's risk exposure as part of our risk and compliance management. Finance is also responsible for international business development and currently supervises the ten airports that Flughafen Zürich AG operates with its partners in India and Latin America.


The Services division encompasses many of the departments that are important for the smooth functioning of Flughafen Zürich AG's administrative processes. These include the Human Resources, IT, Supply Management and Legal departments. The Public Affairs department maintains external relations with political institutions and figures, and with economic and industry associations. Corporate Communication provides open and timely information to the public on important airport issues. The Noise Management department monitors aircraft noise emissions near the airport and takes action to limit excessive noise whenever necessary. Environmental Protection deals with all other aspects related to the issues of air quality, climate, energy and water resources and the biosphere.

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