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Reporting system

Occurrence Reporting

To improve safety and security at Zurich Airport and prevent incidents and accidents, it is important that employees of Zurich Airport report any safety and security concerns. Such reports may be submitted anonymously online or placed in our Safety & Security Boxes. To All reports will be treated confidentially.

Have you witnessed an event that you wish to report or would you like to submit a safety concern?

What should I report?

  • If the people involved say things like „we got away with it that time“,
    „that was close“ or „that shook me up a bit“
  • If other airport employees might learn something from the report
  • If the airport system or its safety measures did not work

Reportable incidents include:

  • Inadequate de-icing of aircraft or surfaces 
  • Failure, significant malfunction or unavailability of airfield lighting 
  • Dangerous situations airising from incorrect or inadequate markings 
  • Dangerous manoeuvres around aircraft while the engines or propellers are running 
  • Electrical system outages 
  • Emergency exits/equipment obstructed or blocked