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Visitor registration

Access without airport pass

People without an airport pass (visitors) are only permitted to enter the non-public areas of the airport if they are accompanied by an airport pass holder.

Visitor registration

Link to visitor registration page
Authorised personnel may access the visitor registration page here.

Who can be registered as a visitor?
People who have to carry out work in the non-public area on behalf of a company based at the airport must be registered as visitors and must sign in at the point of access.

Changes by April 12, 2016
The registration process for official visitors will be adapted by April 12, 2016. The online registration form now allows for visitors to be registered for several consecutive days in one registration process (for a maximum of seven days). The number of available days is still dependent on the available visitor quota. To avoid exhausting the assigned quota, the requested validity should always correspond to the actual duration of the visit. A piece of identification (passport, identity card, driver's license, foreigner ID) is still needed when collecting the visitor badge. However, the identity document must not be deposited anymore. Returned plastic covers are gratefully accepted.