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Parking for traveller


You can find the right parking space for your needs at Zurich Airport. It is also possible to book a parking space in advance.

Book a parking space online

Book a parking space online now for your trip and take advantage of low prices. 

Your car park at Zurich Airport

Multi-storey car parks P1 (Check-in 1 and Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2 and Arrival 2) and P3 (Check-in 3) are directly linked to the main airport building.

For journeys of 3 days or more and for electric vehicles: P6

For people wishing to park for three days or more, car park P6 offers a cheaper alternative to car parks P1-3. The terminal can be reached in just 5 minutes via the covered walkway. Six parking spaces are available for electric vehicles. These are in a prime location right next to the lifts on the entry level. You can recharge your vehicles free of charge.

Park & Charge 

On March 5th, our new “Park & Charge” zone will open on floor 6 of car park P6 with 38 modern charging stations. The zone is open round the clock, and you do not need to be a member of a charging network. Parking spaces can be reserved conveniently online via the following link. The charging costs are included in the price for online reservations.

Connection Type-2
Charging capacity
11kw 400V 16A
Charging station
Opening hours
Charging costs without online reservation
 8.00 CHF
25-48hrs 12.00 CHF
up to 7 days 16.00 CHF
7 or more days 20.00 CHF

Long-term car park P60

Parking spaces in the long-term car park P60 are only available with a prior online booking. Secure a parking space now at http://parking.zurich-airport.com/en/

Parking for taller vehicles

Parking spaces are available at P60 for vehicles which are taller than 2 metres and can be booked on our Online Booking System.  

  • Current parking rates (on-site)

     Parking duration1P1, P2, P3P6
     less than 24 hours see Shopping 
     1 day max.48.0048.00
     2 days184.0084.00
     3 days1110.00110.00
     4 days1136.00128.00
     5 days1162.00146.00
     6 days1188.00164.00
     7 days1214.00182.00
     Each additional day18.0018.00
     14 days1340.00308.00
     21 days1466.00434.00
    Each additional day 18.0018.00

    *All prices in CHF incl. VAT. Payment can be made at the machines using cash in CHF and EUR, credit cards Maestro cards or Postcards. Prices subject to change.


    1The information refers to the maximum price for the indicated number of days (1 day = 24 hrs). From the 2nd day each part-day will be calculated in smaller increments (CHF 3/2 hrs) up to the daily maximum.

2-wheel vehicles parking

At Zurich Airport, parking spaces are available for motorcycles in car park 6 and near Gate 101. Bicycles can be parked in car parks 2 and 3 and in front of car park 6.

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