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Security checks

For your own safety

Find out which items are safe to pack in your hand baggage so that you can pass through the security checks at Zurich Airport without a hitch. The document “FAQ – What can I carry in my baggage?” answers the most frequently asked questions.

For an easy passage through the security check

How to pack correctly

  • In your hand baggage you may only carry liquids in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml.
  • Pack these containers into a re-sealable 1-litre plastic bag while at home.
  • Pack spare batteries and power banks (charging devices with a battery) in your hand baggage only. Secure batteries individually against short circuits.
  • Containers with more than 100 ml of liquids, as well as knives and scissors with blades over 6 cm in length, are only permitted in checked baggage.
  • If you are only travelling with hand baggage, you may not take these items with you on your journey.
  • Liquid medication, baby food and special foods required during the flight can be transported in containers of more than 100 ml in your hand baggage (following a check).
  • Lighters and matches may not be placed in your baggage. You may however take a lighter or box of matches you are carrying on your person.
  • Items such as fuel paste, sparklers, fireworks, batteries with a performance of over 160 Wh, etc. are not permitted in any baggage.

Final preparations at the airport

  • Dispose of liquids of more than 100 ml in the bins provided at the airport.
  • Pack your containers of liquids of up to 100 ml into a re-sealable 1-litre plastic bag.
  • The plastic bags are provided in the waiting area before the security check

For an easy passage through the security check

Have the following items ready to place separately into the baggage trays and follow the instructions from the security staff:

  • Purses and wallets, coins, mobile telephone and keys, if they are in your pockets
  • Jackets, coats, sports jackets and blazers, if they are not in your hand baggage
  • The 1-litre plastic bag containing your liquids (individual containers of up to 100 ml)
  • Liquid medication, baby food and special foods of over 100 ml
  • Liquid tax & duty free items of over 100 ml (with purchase receipt in a sealed, ICAO-compliant bag)
  • Laptop, tablet and camera

Bans and regulations

In the following sections you will find detailed information about prohibited items and requirements with regard to liquids, lighters, batteries, etc.

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited in both your hand and hold baggage:

  • Lighters and matches
  • Sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • Fuel paste (e.g. for fondue burner)
  • Paints/acids
  • Gas cartridges

This list is not exhaustive. More information can be obtained from your airline. 

Liquids in hand baggage

Liquids, gels, creams, sprays, etc. are only permitted in hand baggage in containers with a maximum size of 100 ml (1 dl):

  • All containers (tubes, jars, bottles) must be able to fit easily in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (such as a freezer bag) with a maximum size of one litre.
  • This plastic bag must be presented for inspection at the airport security check.
  • Only one plastic bag per person is allowed. This limit also applies to children and babies.

Also permitted in containers over 100 ml in certain circumstances:

  • Liquid medicines, baby food and food for special dietary requirements in the quantity necessary for the journey.
  • Liquid tax & duty free items of over 100 ml together with the purchase receipt in a sealed, ICAO-compliant bag.

The above-mentioned liquids must be shown at the security checkpoint and undergo an additional check. They may only be taken on board the flight if they have been approved by the security staff.

No knives or scissors

All types of scissors and knifes with a blade length of more than 6 cm are not allowed in your hand baggage.

Cigarette lighters not allowed in baggage but allowed on person

Cigarette lighters are not permitted in your baggage. However, one lighter per passenger is allowed as long as it is carried on your person.
Attention: Storm lighters (lighters with a blue flame) are generally prohibited!

Spare batteries and power banks

For security reasons you may not take any spare batteries or power banks (charging device with battery) in your checked baggage. You may take spare batteries with a performance of 160 Wh in your hand baggage, subject to the following provisions:

  • Max. two batteries, if the nominal energy of the individual battery exceeds 100 Wh.
  • Batteries must be secured individually against short circuits.

Batteries used in a device (up to max. 100 Wh) may be carried in either your hand baggage or checked baggage. Batteries with a performance of over 160 Wh are generally prohibited.
Airlines reserve the right to apply special regulations.

Lithium batteries and other dangerous goods

Self-stabilising, electric means of transport (hoverboards)

Lithium battery-powered vehicles are prohibited in both hand baggage and checked baggage. This ban does not apply to wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Please contact your airline before you travel.

Avalanche airbags

Special provisions apply to the transportation of avalanche airbags. See “FAQ – What can I carry in my baggage?”

Diving equipment

As they generate heat, diving lamps cannot be placed in hold baggage. They may be transported in your hand baggage provided that the power supply has been disconnected. Please also note that scuba tanks must be completely empty.

Special hand baggage requirements for direct flights to the USA

In line with the safety requirements of the American Transport Security Administration (TSA), containers larger than 350 ml with powder (or powder-like substances such as granules) are no longer allowed in hand baggage on direct flights from European airports to US destinations.

These additional checks may result in longer waiting times. Passengers travelling to the USA are advised to pack any containers with powders in their hold baggage and to contact their airline directly if they have any further questions.

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