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Airmazing Experiences at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the canton of Zurich and offers a variety of exciting offers for a day at the airport.

Zurich Airport – the perfect destination for your family outing

Are you planning a family outing at an exciting location for young and old alike? Then you've come to the right place at Zurich Airport.

Zurich Airport is the perfect destination for all age groups, and it's easy to reach via public transport or by car. If you're coming in your own vehicle, there are plenty of spaces in our car parks, allowing you to begin your airport experience directly. Start your day on Observation Deck B and with a bus tour. After that, you can hire bicycles or inline skates to discover the various barbecue points around the airport. To round off the day, there are plenty of places to enjoy a convivial evening meal, for example in the themed restaurant, "Air", where you can watch all the activity on the apron.

Airport Scopes – A World First

The multimedia "Airport Scopes" binoculars were designed especially for Observation Deck B and are the only binoculars of their kind in the world.

The Airport Scopes recognise specific points and give information about them, for example the tower or the Airside Center. But they also recognise aircraft that are taxiing and taking off. Looking through the binoculars gives visitors information about the aircraft they are focusing on, such as the type of aircraft and technical details, among other things. The Airport Scopes were developed by Zurich Airport to offer visitors additional aviation information and highlights. Observation Deck B has welcomed over 2 million visitors since it opened in December 2011.

Spotter picture of Bruno Spiess

Highlights for Spotters

Spotter beginner or professional - Zurich Airport offers the right perspective for every flight.

There are various spotter sites around Zurich Airport that allow unique photo opportunities for each runway usage plan. There are also various snack stands providing catering, such as the "Heligrill" on "plane spotters' hill" on the west side of the airport premises. Get an overview with our Google map for spotters, and type "spotter" (lower case) into our Zurich Airport app to find out about flights and aircraft registrations that are not visible in the normal flight schedule.


Our webcams show you the airport live from all angles. Did you know that you can control our webcams yourself? Have a look around and take some photos of interesting objects at Zurich Airport directly via the webcam.

Spottertour photo of a parked airplane

Photo tours with Airside Foto

Would you like to take photographs from exclusive places at runways, taxiways or on the apron of Zurich Airport? It's an opportunity aviation enthusiasts have spent years dreaming about. Now the AIRSIDE FOTO ZÜRICH association makes it a reality!

Flight simulations at Sim Academy

Sim Academy offers everything aviation fans could wish for. A flight experience for everyone – including for children aged over 12. You can experience all aspects of flying here. Our top instructors will accompany and train you throughout all of these activities.