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China weeks at ASIA

A taste of China with a unique dragon lunch and dragon dinner

Chinese food is not always the same, as the cuisine of the Middle Kingdom is as varied as the country is large. The ASIA restaurant is taking this opportunity to serve select and original Chinese dishes, including the popular dumplings DIM SUM, for a month. Dim sum are steamed delicacies served in bamboo baskets that are prepared in the same way and are equally popular throughout China. With a little luck, you might be served your dim sum in a basked with a red dot on the bottom, which means you won’t be charged. And because you also eat with your eyes, from 12 January until 24 February you can also look forward to Chinese decorations and wait staff wearing the appropriate outfits.

On that note, look forward to a genuine feast for the palate and the eyes on 10 February with a "Chinese dragon lunch" and "Chinese dragon dinner". Enjoy an Oriental 3- or 4-course meal – with the best view of the dragon and lion dances at Zurich Airport. 

You can make reservations now for the show – send an e-mail to info@upperdeck-zrh.ch (contact person: John Lerche).


"Dragon lunch" / 12 am-2 pm
3-course meal CHF 39

Asian starter plate
Spring roll
Won ton
Som tam
Sweet chili sauce

Fried noodles with pork
Pad thai with strips of pork,
pak choi, shiitake and tofu

Coconut dim sum
with vanilla ice cream


"Dragon dinner" / 6-9 pm
4-course meal CHF 49

Sashimi salad
Tuna, salmon and mango

Glass noodle soup 

Duck Szechuan
with Asian vegetables
Szechuan pepper and jasmine rice

Coconut dim sum
with vanilla ice cream

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