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Working at the window to the future

A modern working environment is being created at THE CIRCLE at Zurich Airport – the platform offers a range of advantages for companies and their employees thanks to innovative synergies. This was also a key factor for the three new office tenants who signed rental agreements in the last few weeks.

The building shells are rising at Switzerland’s largest construction project – THE CIRCLE. A glance at the site already shows the scale and structure of the new destination for Zurich. The innovative concept of THE CIRCLE is a product resulting from various social changes. For instance, the needs of employees are decisive in designing offices. Employees today want flexibility – in terms of working hours, workplace and a work-life balance. Companies have found a platform for these demands in the form of THE CIRCLE.

Workspace 2.0 at Zurich Airport
The working environment will depend largely on how the workplace is designed. And this design has undergone major changes in recent years: fixed structures and permanently allocated desks are a thing of the past and are being replaced with creative co-working spaces and workplaces that employees choose themselves. Quality of life and the fulfilment of personal aspirations are now key criteria for employee satisfaction.

The existing tenants – including Raiffeisen, Microsoft and isolutions – will physically implement the possibilities and opportunities that these trends dictate with forward-looking office concepts. This also applies to Flughafen Zürich AG, which  will move its head office to THE CIRCLE. With an innovative concept the airport operator is demonstrating which working options are possible and how the future of modern-day work could look. From 2020, employees will be able to choose their workplaces within the office premises. These are also divided into different working zones that take account of activity-based work. Depending on their tasks, employees can choose a workplace in one of the different zones.

For tenants at THE CIRCLE, the opportunity of renting any extra space on a flexible and temporary basis – such as co-working areas or training and conference spaces – is attractive as it enables them to reduce their fixed costs. Covering an area of 3,000m2 "Spaces THE CIRCLE" will become the biggest shared office in Switzerland.

Working at Zurich Airport offers a number of advantages
The advantages for employees make THE CIRCLE a one-of-a-kind address too. Working at Switzerland’s gateway to the world means doing your job at a location with the best connections: regardless of whether employees  use public transport, a car or a bike to get to work, Zurich Airport is easy to reach. Another advantage are the services – food shops, dry-cleaning, hairdressers, a nail studio and much more, all under one roof. Future employees at THE CIRCLE will appreciate the crèche, catering options (including staff restaurants) and the 80,000 m2 of parking spaces.

In the past few weeks, new rental agreements have been signed for the "Headquarters & Offices" module, accounting for around 3,000 m2. One of the new tenants is the fast-growing management consultancy Horváth & Partners, which will rent space for 100 employees in Switzerland.

About THE CIRCLE – the new destination in 2020 
THE CIRCLE will become a central attraction that shapes and strengthens Zurich Airport. From 2020, it will be possible to hold conferences for up to 2,500 guests directly at Switzerland’s largest national airport. A medical centre run by the University Hospital of Zurich, two Hyatt Group hotels, various brand worlds, attractive office space, and arts, culture, restaurants and education facilities will round out the wide range at Zurich Airport. THE CIRCLE will thus enrich the whole region, both culturally and economically. 
The new destination is due to open in 2020. With THE CIRCLE, the airport operator and Swiss Life are achieving densification at a location with excellent connections. 
Flughafen Zürich AG and Swiss Life AG have formed a joint ownership company, with Flughafen Zürich AG holding a 51% stake and Swiss Life AG 49%.


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