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Refurbishment of car park P1

Car park P1 has been in operation for over 30 years and is subject to intensive use. During this time, various factors have impacted on the support structure, rendering it now in need of refurbishment.

Sanierung Parkhaus P1
Sanierung Parkhaus P1

The renovation project should enable the car park to be used for a further 35 years. The project involves reinforcing the parking levels and support structure, as well as fire safety measures. The lift systems have come to the end of their life span and will be replaced. They will also be optimised to allow the connecting lift (levels 9 to 10) to be removed. The upper level will be accessed by two passenger lifts directly from the foyer.
The parking levels will be enhanced with a new design concept. The areas in front of the lifts will be redesigned and the pedestrian routes optimised, in particular. Once the roof has been renovated, there are plans to install a solar photovoltaic system.


Area of parking levels: 57,340 m2
Length x width: 100 m x 69 m
No. of levels: 12
Building investments: CHF 31 million
Construction start: February 2017
Operational start: February 2020
No. of parking spaces: 2,256 in total
Price per parking space: CHF 13,700

Involved Partners

General planner + engineer: Dr. Deuring + Oehninger AG, Winterthur
Architect: Stutz Bolt Partner Architekten AG, Winterthur
Building services: Marquart Elektroplanung + Beratung AG, Winterthur